Top 6 snowshoeing trails in the Mont Blanc area

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The Pays du Mont Blanc is for us, and for many hikers, one of the most beautiful natural regions in the Alps. Situated in the upper Arve valley and around the French side of the mythical Mont Blanc peak (4810 metres), the Mont Blanc region is full of treasures, both known and hidden, that lovers of sport and nature know how to appreciate.

Many hikers and trekkers have the opportunity to discover them in summer on the Tour du Mont Blanc trails, either with us or on their own. However, the Mont Blanc region also has a lot to offer in winter! In this article, we would like to introduce you to some winter hikes in the Mont Blanc region. Family walks or more sportive hikes, discover here 7 snowshoeing itineraries in the Mont Blanc region!


The Boucle des Tines, a short snowshoeing trail in the Mont Blanc region


This is a nice accessible loop that winds its way through the forest on the edge of the famous Mer de Glace. Its small difference in altitude spread over a short distance makes it a family snowshoe hike in the Mont Blanc region. You walk through the spruce forest to reach a splendid viewpoint on the Grand Dru and the Petit Dru, two summits popular with mountaineers, reaching 3754 m and 3730 m.

  • Walking time : 1h15
  • Elevation gain : 150 meters
  • Distance: 3 kilometres
  • Departure point: Les Tines train station or Les Bois village


The Mayères plateau, above the valley


Starting from the hamlet of Burzier (970 m), the path first takes the route of the small Boucle des Combes facing the impressive cliffs of the Aravis and passes near a waterfall. We then go up to the cross and the refuge of Mayères (1563 meters), from where we can enjoy a sumptuous view of the Arve valley and the Mont Blanc massif. We then go back down on a wide track to Burzier, passing by several chalets;

  • Walking time : 3h50
  • Elevation gain: 560 meters
  • Distance: 7 kilometres
  • Departure point : Burzier


The loop of Saix Blanc, a moment of tranquility


Starting from the Vallorcine train station, this loop begins with a short but fairly steep climb to the chalets of Parts du Plan, located at 1330 meters. It then continues with a gentler walk through the pines to Les Saix Blancs, a pretty high plateau at 1660 metres. This is a perfect hike in the Mont Blanc region for those who want to get away from it all in the forest while enjoying the magnificent views of the region’s peaks.

  • Walking time : 2h15
  • Elevation gain: 440 meters
  • Distance: 2.5 kilometres
  • Departure point : Vallorcine


The summit of Salles, a snowshoeing trail in the Mont Blanc region on the crests


The summit of Salles is the destination of a snowshoe hike in the Mont Blanc region which can be done as a round trip or as a loop starting from the Cuchet car park (1273 meters), above the village of Comboux. A beautiful view of the Mont Blanc massif accompanies the hikers throughout the ascent and at the top, a fascinating panorama of the Aravis, Fiz and Mont Blanc ranges is offered to the hikers.

The ascent is done by the alpage of Beauregard and the Plan des Dames to reach the ridge line and the summit of Salles (1754 m). The return can be done by the same itinerary but we strongly advise you to come back by the ridge to face the Mont Blanc massif. We then go back down passing by the Jaillet cable car and then by the Fouettaz and Maison Neuve.

  • Walking time : 2h30
  • Elevation gain : 480 meters
  • Distance: 8 kilometres
  • Departure point : Cuchet


The Tête Noire path, one of the most beautiful viewpoint on the Mont-Blanc


Snowshoeing in front of the Mont Blanc mountains


This itinerary is a more sportive round trip than the others we propose but it will allow you to enjoy a fantastic view of the Mont Blanc massif. Starting from the Mouilles car park (1200 m), above the village of Cordon, you go up in twists and turns in the forest, taking care to avoid the secondary tracks that cross the path. When you arrive at the Tête Noire viewpoint (1691 m), you will be richly rewarded for the efforts you made to get there!

You can also continue up to the plateau des Bénés from where the panoramic view is incredible. This plateau is actually the objective of the first hike of our six-day snowshoeing trip in the Mont Blanc region 🙂

  • Walking time : 3h
  • Elevation gain: 490 meters
  • Distance: 5.5 kilometres
  • Departure point: Parking des Mouilles (Cordon)


The Barmus loop, a snowshoe hike in the Mont Blanc region for all the family


Snowshoeing trail of Bramus near Chamonix


Starting from Plaine-Joux (1360 m), this beautiful snowshoe hike in the Mont Blanc region takes you from chalet to chalet while passing by the Lac Vert. This high altitude lake is unique as it was formed after the massive landslide of the Dérochoir in the 15th century.

With children, the loop up to the lake will already be a nice walk on a flat path: a great opportunity to introduce them to snowshoeing in the Mont Blanc region! The more athletic will decide to continue their ascent to the chalets of Barmus (1600 m) passing by those of Châtelet d’Ayères and Mollays to quickly descend to the starting point.

  • Walking time: 3h (1h15 for the Green Lake loop)
  • Elevation gain: 320 meters (50 for the lake)
  • Distance: 7 kilometres (4.5 for the lake)
  • Departure point : Plaine-Joux

We hope this article will help you find inspiration for your next snowshoeing trip in the Mont-Blanc region! If you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment. You can also contact us directly by clicking here 🙂



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