Tour du Mont Blanc with guide

Welcome to the website of the Watse Trekking Mont Blanc agency ! We are profesionnal mountain guides whose speciality is the Tour du Mont Blanc. We conceive unique circuits to offer you unforgettable trekking trips ! 

If you want to achieve the Tour du Mont Blanc Full Circuit, the Walker’s Haute Route or a short 4-days trek around the famous Mont Blanc with an amazing mountain guide, you are in the right place !

In case you plan trekking by yourself, feel free to contact us here. We will be glad to help you by giving you our advices and our secrets to give you the opportunity to live a wonderful trekking trip. Let’s build together your own itinerary!

All the Tour du Mont Blanc circuits

Tour du Mont Blanc full circuit

The full Tour du Mont Blanc across France, Italia and Swiss !

11 days starting from 1195 € / person.

Walker's Haute Route - 7 jours

A 7-days alpine trek which offers views on the Mont Blanc every day.

7 days starting from 1380€ / person.

Tour du Mont Blanc short circuit - 4 days

Discover and experiment trekking on this easy and beautiful itinerary !

4 days starting from 465 € / person.


Tour du Mont Blanc South - 7 days

A beautiful and accessible trek offering unforgettable views on the Mont Blanc !

7 days starting from 755 € / person.

Trekking courte durée - 4 jours

Initez-vous au trekking sur cet agréable itinéraire de 4 jours en Pays du Mont Blanc.

4 jours à partir de 465 € / personne.


Watse Trekking Mont Blanc is a small group of mountain guides who are specialists of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Each guide has got many years of experience on those beautiful trails.

From 4 to 11 days, with a guide or by yourself, discover all our circuits in the Mont Blanc région. This is literally a paradise for hikers and walkers from all over the Earth ! Each year, thousands of trekkers come there to walk on the famous TMB trails.

Our goal is to offer you a unique hiking trip. To do so, we use all our knowledge and our passion to guide you on original itineraries.


When you do the The Tour du Mont Blanc with us, you walk with a professional mountain guide who perfectly knows the region. He makes sure that your journey is safe, pleasant and immersive.

Your luggage are transferred every day by our agency. Also your picnics are always prepared by our Chef. Trekking Mont Blanc is the only agency to do so on the Tour du mont Blanc !

For your own security and to give you a trekking trip characterized by sharing and immersion, the number of hikers per group is 12 maximum.

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They did it :

This Tour du Mont Blanc with Sebastien has been a wonderful trip ! The Mont Blanc follows us all the way. The nights in refuge and all the magic places where we have been to leave me with beautiful memories.


Août 2018, Tour du Mont Blanc full circuit

We have spent 7 unforgettable days around the Mont Blanc. Sebastien is a relly passionate guide and he let us discover the Haute Route like nobody else. Last but not least, the weather was perfect every day !


Juillet 2017, Walker's Haute Route

I really loved those few days trekking around the Mont Blanc. For me it was a first hiking experience and I came back home with one wish : doing more !


Juin 2018, 4-days short trek