Trekking definition

What is a trekking?

The equivalent term in French is “voyage à pied” or “Grande randonnée” while in english you migth also say “Hiking”. These designations imply mountainous, remote, self, sports, meetings, culture and nature. This type of trip is an experience that we built. This is not the tourism as the duration, physical effort and the beauty of landscapes allow the perception, understanding and, finally, to be in the exchange! Back with other habits change us …

Trekking is a long journey, traveling, adventurous undertaken on foot in areas where the usual transport types are not generally available. Nights in camping, homestay or in a shelter… Trekking is different from mountaineering because the trek is limited to walking and is not competitive (unless you start to fight against yourself looking at your watch and quantify your distances without looking up the day!).

Trekking tends to bring hikers of the natural environment and knowledge of the area through the local heritage, ethnography and prefers the traditional channels of communication system, such as valleys, roads connecting villages and trails. This walking tour is a symbiosis between sport, culture and environment. Welcome at TREKKING MONT BLANC!