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To reduce any risk of contradictory information or misinformation concerning your mountain holiday, Trekking Mont Blanc muleteers answer any little practical questions you may have before your “Trekking on Mont Blanc” mountain hike directly on their mobile phones and give you information from the tops of their mountains… They are the only source of information on this site, and together they design and market the mountain hiking holidays themselves!
Take a look around the website anyway before phoning, then please contact them because your questions are precious to us and will be put on the website in the FAQ section.
As the schedule has already been allocated to the muleteers, choose the telephone number which corresponds to the week that you want to book and you will be placed in contact with the muleteer who will lead your “Trekking on Mont Blanc” mountain holiday! 
No information relay can therefore fail (because there are none!) and the qualified local mountain professional you are talking to on the phone will be more than happy to solve a problem before it arises rather than have to deal with communication issues during the holiday.
Please feel free to leave a message on your guide’s voicemail; he will be your first contact because the group atmosphere will have to be maintained on the mountain. The muleteer will ring you back when the pass has been crossed or after reaching the summit, because the routes through the mountains do not all enjoy mobile coverage (we’re not in a resort!). You will receive a personal response by that evening at the latest.
Of course, the mountain teasers and experiences presented on this website will be presented by the muleteer… in the mountains!
This means that you do not fall victim to the communication problems which can be caused by the whole string of contacts and intermediaries on which the tourism industry relies to design and market a holiday (e.g. a call centre based nobody-knows-where and which does not know any more about the holiday than you (or very little), a travel agency secretary who has never done the hike, etc.).
This “paring-down” of the process also gives you access to an unbeatable price without affecting the quality of the holiday in any way.

Moreover, how reassuring it is to have the guide’s phone number when you arrive late at the departure point!

For other types of question (availability, reservations, payment methods or even general terrain questions, etc.) contact the secretary’s office on 00 33 (0)4 50 21 07 75.