Trekking carbon footprint

Ecological footprint of our treks

Walking several days and did not use the vehicle for the purpose of trekking is an environmentally friendly concept. It’s not always easy to agree with our principles but wherever possible we stand there. In addition, walking with one or two companions of fours legs gives a rhythm and a new dimension to your hike.

When you get close to nature as you stroll there, know that you can be an actor of protection by selecting a mode of soft transport for the transport of bags you find at night shelters.

A tour operator selling a TOUR DU MONT BLANC routed bags per vehicle degrades the atmosphere in the mountains. At altitude, the temperature inversion phenomena prevent the discharge of pollutants scattered.

Therefore if conditions allow, we will ship your luggage with our mules respecting their backs. To the extent that the passes are snowiest since there is no snowshoes for mules!