Cancellation insurance

Insurance special trekking

Buying an insurance for a hiking holiday in the Alps costs 4.5% of the total price per person. We must therefore add that amount to the price of each stay bought.
If you send a deposit to reserve (30% of total price) the purchase of insurance must be paid at the same time calculated on the price of the stay and not on the deposit amount. It is not possible to contract a cancellation insurance within 30 days before departure.
The purchase of insurance allows you to be reimbursed if you can participate in or stay during the trek in the Alps, you have to give up due to family emergencies, for example.

Of course, supporting you will be requested and can not imagine to play the insurance if you have blisters or you simply do most want to finish the round because of rain …
If you chose the repatriation insurance EUROP ASSISTANCE that we propose, know that only Trekking Mont Blanc is the interface between the client and the insurer. We can not influence either of the parties.

If Trekking Mont Blanc cancels a stay for X or Y reason, the cost of insurance will not be refunded because you have benefited from your registration and our cancellation.

If you are unable to load it quickly, do not hesitate to ask us to send it to you.


Who is responsible for what?
Your liability insurance will be applied if, for example, you enter your backpack in the store of a village and break bottles of alcohol or other valuables while you return without estimating the volume of your bag .

Cancellation-help insurance is used to pay you:

1. luggage in case of theft, loss or damage.

2. The full price of the stay if you can not present instead of appointment the day of departure (following family problems [death], you just get a job or enter unemployment, health problems [hospitalization or other]) damaged home, etc. Supporting documents will be required by Europ’Assistance.

3. The reimbursement of part of the stay if you need to go urgently at home for the same type of patterns.
During the trek, professional insurance TREKKING MONT BLANC or its guides (Tour du Mont Blanc) support any necessary evacuation, due to a problem on the hike to the nearest hospital (in a Tour du Mont Blanc that will Chamonix, Aosta and Martigny).

4. If you want to be repatriated home, single-cancellation insurance assistance you will be reimbursed for the transfer between the nearest hospital to the accident site and at home.
Finally, upon arrival at the shelter, any problems with the host will be covered by insurance of the host.

So the only insurance included in the holiday price is the professional Trekking Mont Blanc that supports any problems with mountain hiking and to cover all research costs and exhaust to the most hospital close to the accident.

If you want to buy cancellation insurance and repatriation (optional if your stay does not engeandre air transport), it costs 4.5% of the total price and must be paid along with the 30% deposit, or 34.5%. It is not possible to buy cancellation insurance-repatriation Europ’Assistance less than 30 days before departure.